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Un idioma distinto es una visión diferente de la vida

Federico Fellini

Gala: Your Online Spanish Teacher

The journey starts here:

notes by gala

¡Hola! My name is Gala and I am a certified Spanish teacher passionate about teaching my native language and getting people to know Spanish culture.

About me… I was born in Madrid, Spain, where I grew up with my family, studied Art History at University, fell in love with my husband, did my Master’s degree in Spanish Grammar and Editing, worked in a well-known Museum… Until 2014, when I said goodbye to my beloved city and moved to the Netherlands, where I live and work as a private online Spanish teacher.

My life has always been like a rollercoaster, full of new experiences and many opportunities to develop myself. I lived for a while in London, set up a publishing house in Madrid, worked for a marketing company in Amsterdam… but I always knew that teaching Spanish and starting my own business was something for me.

Helping international students to learn Spanish is not just about teaching them a new language. It’s also about showing them another way of life, a different culture, as well as a new way of thinking. Teaching Spanish is like opening to my students a door into an unknown world full of wonders. And this is simply a unique experience.

Apart from Spanish, I love writing, travelling and reading. If you look for me, I’ll probably be spending time with my family or visiting a museum. I dedicate Sundays to edit my Youtube videos about learning Spanish and I prefer tortilla de patata con cebolla (potato omelette with onions).

My classes and experience as a Spanish teacher

As a Spanish teacher, I am dynamic, passionate and patient. I like to talk to my students and encourage them to express their own ideas in Spanish. My classes are well organised and structured, and always include a bit of conversation, grammar, new vocabulary and tons of positivity and enthusiasm.

After many years of teaching Spanish, I quickly identify the needs of my students and know the most effective method to learn Spanish. In my classes:

  • I will correct the mistakes you make when speaking and make you aware of the most common mistakes of Spanish learners
  • You will get the motivation to speak and to use new vocabulary
  • You will receive the necessary teaching materials for the classes and, if you wish, homework
  • We will repeat the grammatical structures until you make them automatic and can use them in real conversations

If you wish to start or progress on your way to mastering Spanish, I want you to know that I admire your determination and courage. It would be a pleasure for me to accompany you on this adventure.

You can send me an email to and tell me more about yourself.